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Lewisboro is a town in the north-eastern corner of Westchester County, New York State, in the United States. The Lewisboro Democratic Committee is the local arm of the Democratic Party.

Under New York State law, the Committee is made up of two members ("District Leaders") for each of Lewisboro's twelve election districts.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Lewisboro Democratic Committee is to promote democratic principles and values and to encourage active participation in the election process. As an official part of the Westchester County Democratic Committee, we recruit, support and elect candidates who subscribe to these beliefs.

We uphold and promote progressive government dedicated to the safety, health, and well-being of all citizens equally, without regard to ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or disabilities. We are confident that good government can improve people’s lives and help provide economic security. We believe that we have an obligation to protect the earth through common-sense regulations that give us cleaner and safer air and water. We believe that we should be compassionate and respectful neighbors in our communities, our country and our world.

The Lewisboro Democratic Committee is proactive in educating the public on issues that pertain to these beliefs. We study and endorse legislation that supports these principles and are diligent in making our voices heard.

North-Eastern corner of Westchester County

Northeastern Westchester County


Sample Ballot for November

Here's a sample ballot for the November 8th election in Lewisboro. Note that there are no propositions on the rear of the ballot.

Alison Boak wins September 13 Primary decisively

Ali Boak won yesterday's primary for State Senate in a landslide. In unofficial results, she carried all three counties: Westchester by a massive 83 to 17 margin; Putnam by 62 to 37; Dutchess by 58 to 42. Overall, with Westchester the biggest share of the district, her margin currently stands at 79.3 to 20.7%! Congratulations, Ali!

In Lewisboro, we're proud to report that unofficial results have Boak winning here by 275 to 28, a 90.8 to 9.2% margin!

Next: Taking on Murphy and his bag of dirty tricks to win on November 8th. It won't be easy, but Ali has the momentum. Go Ali! boak4ny.com

Presidential Primary results
April 21, 2016

In unofficial results, Hillary Clinton was the overall winner in our Congressional District (the 18th) by roughly 53.3% to 46.7%). This means that of our district's six delegates, Clinton will get three and Sanders will get three. And our own Christina Rae, a Clinton delegate, was the #1 vote-getter in the Westchester part of the district, and #2 overall in the delegate contest. While the delegate selection rules are complex, it looks very likely that she will be representing us at the Presidential Convention in Philadelphia this July. Thanks for your support!
[Update, May 13] Christina Rae has been confirmed as a delegate. She is pledged to support Hillary Clinton. Final results in our Congressional District: Clinton, 52.9%; Sanders, 46.5%; Other, 0.6%.

Timeline for 2016

There are three primaries scheduled for 2016 in New York State:

  1. April 19, Presidential Primary
  2. June 28, Federal Primary (U.S. Senate, Congress)
  3. September 13, State Primary (NYS Assembly, Senate, judicial, etc.)

And then the General Election will be held on Tuesday, November 8.

In addition to the Presidental election, there will be one U.S. Senate seat on the ballot (currently held by Senator Schumer). The entire House of Representatives (including our local Representative, Sean Patrick Maloney), the entire NYS Assembly and Senate, Westchester County District Attorney, and several judicial seats are up this year as well.

In addition, in Westchester County, Democratic Party positions (local District Leaders, State Committee members) will be decided in the September 13 primary.

Also, for what it's worth, the School Board elections were held on May 17.


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2016 Elections

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Lewisboro sunset
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